Playing Scary Games, What’s in it For You?

scary-maze-game-4-icon-1You might think that playing a scary game is just pure nonsense. Well, scary games are not as bad as you think they are. But did you know that there are a lot of things that you can have if you play a scary game alone in the dark?

Excitement – If you’ve heard of the Scary Maze Game series, you will not only experience the thrill while playing but also excitement as well. As you face narrower pathways in the higher levels, you will feel the excitement that you will only get from threatening situations. The scary part will always linger because you face the constant threat of dying from touching the walls while you wonder what else there is to the game.

Kills Boredom – Another thing that you will also achieve is that it can help cure boredom. Most people resort to drinking or going out to kill boredom. Well, why not play a scary game so that you will never be bored ever again? Go out and shoot a bunch of zombies and watch their blood splatter all over the screen!

Improve Skills – When you are playing a scary game, you can improve your eyesight and reaction. Paying attention to little details and navigating your character to perform an action such as fire a gun, throw a punch, or jump to get out of a pinch will do this for you. I guess one could say this could decrease your visibility, especially if you stare at the screen too long in a dark area.

So what’s in it for you when you play scary game? The answer is simple. You can actually feel the excitement that you need for a breather, plus it kills your boredom and improves your skills while frequently playing the game. So if you want to achieve these benefits, then you have to start playing something that gets your heart rate jacked up.

Play subway surfers with some amazing game cheats

The time is changing and with that some new range of smart phone application coming up that are grabbing the attention of most users. There are new ranges of mobile games designed that will definitely help you spend quality time at ease. Subway surfer is one such popular game that is known by most smart phone or tablet users. The game is played by millions around the globe and it has successfully created its own fan base. The game is based on a simple logic where the players need to run across the attack evading all odds. There are some important aspects that need to be considered while running.

Subway surfer is played by people of all ages and it is one such game that will grab your attention instantly. The game is built in such a manner that it will hold you for hours without making you feel bored. The subway surfers cheats are something that enhances your gaming experience to all new level. There are many game cheats available online known to help you get extra benefits. With the best of game cheats you can play the game with full confidence and complete levels at ease.

There are many players found taking interest in subway surfers. Seeing the popularity of this game professionals came up with wide range of game cheats or hacks that can give a complete new experience to this amazing mobile game. The game is available free for all mobile platforms allowing every gaming enthusiast to play the game at ease. Gaming cheats are something that helps in simplifying the effort and helps you complete every level all at ease. The game is really addictive in nature that will keep you at the edge of your sit all the time. Take a break and play subway surfers with best of game cheats.

Dealing with gems and crabs down under

unnamedOne of the best ways to earn gems in Hungry Shark evolution is to simply use hungry shark evolution cheats and wreak havoc and let hell break loose for your shark, but a more sensible option rests in the free coins and gems section of the shop, most of these include a task which is to be completed, in most instances, it is to watch a video advertisements of the other apps available on play stores, watching these videos enables you to earn a 1000 coins per watch and some ads offer 5 gems for watching a video, however, if no videos are available, the option will not show and you will have to wait for new advertisements, another way to earn quickly is to perform the social media tasks in the game which involve liking the game on Facebook which is a good option considering it gives you 5 gems for doing so, other options including sharing to Google plus as well as tweeting about the game, you can even share your high score which provides you with an additional 10 gems, or you can engage your friend in a challenge via Facebook and win huge rewards by beating them.

Another way to earn huge rewards is to battle the crabs on the sea floor, more specifically the giant crab which resides in a separate dungeon on the sea floor, although the Megalodon shark can kill it easily, getting the crab fork attachment from the store allows you to attack more effectively and cause a greater amount of damage to the king crab, simply avoid its swipe thrice until the weak spot is exposed upon which you attack and cause major damage to the crustacean menace, Its mostly found on the bottom end on the left side.

The Fascinating World of Minecraft

Screen Shot 2015-06-17 at 12.19.06 PM
I know it looks like Lego but trust me, it is far more enjoyable than just simply building the blocks. Minecraft has been very popular for most people for the simple yet endless possibilities that they can make. Even children are very much engaged to this game since there are so many things that they can explore, build and create. Did you know that you can actually try Minecraft for free online? I recommend messing around in a new world for a while before diving into survival mode.

Adults however have more capabilities to build projects that could be a size of a community. There are so many Minecraft for free online where in you can copy the designs on various buildings and create them in your own world, I’ve seen castles, huge empires, dungeons and a lot more constructions that really looked like somebody spent a lot of time planning, designing and building those projects.

What makes Minecraft really interesting is that you are not limited to just creating buildings, houses or even statues because you also have to have the right tool to be able to make them first. To be able to make your own tools you need to combine certain materials in your inventory to craft them, wooden pickaxe is made out of wooden planks and sticks, and this first tool is very important as you start playing.

What you can imagine is most of the time possible to build when playing Minecraft, while some would say that the game looks funny or was invented years ago because of what looks like pixilated game, it actually brings out the creative side that you have. This game is where the player is totally in control of what he wanted to do, how it should look like no matter how big or small. So if you’re up for the challenge and wanted to explore your mind then Minecraft is a must try for you.

A Criminal Case Review get Energy, Stars, and Cheats

Fans of Adventure games will be delighted that the Facebook game Criminal Case is now available for Android. And to top it off, it’s free! The game is released by Pretty Simple Games. The Hidden Object Game (HOG) requires players to join the Police force of the mysterious town Grimesborough, to solve a series of gruesome cases. The Criminal Case player must work on crime scenes to perform tasks such as finding clues, interviewing both witnesses and suspects, and carefully examining evidence. The ultimate goal is to catch the real killers and lock them up.

In the game you’re the newest detective of Grimesborough’s Police Dept. So you’ll need all the help you can get, including learning how to get free criminal case cheats. Your objective in the game is to track down and arrest the murderers who are responsible for the heinous crimes. Your tools for solving the case are your savvy detective skills and police forensic team. At the beginning of the game you can select your appearance, and also how your appearance to friends who also play Criminal Case. The objective of each case is to complete many hidden object scenes, which include various stages of questioning suspects and reviewing evidence.

To play the game you’ll need Energy for each hidden object window. The Energy will fill up slowly with time, and you can restore it quickly by eating food. Another way to get energy is to receive it from friends. While energy is important to stay alive in the game, the ultimate goal is to rack up Stars. You can earn these as you score points in Criminal Case. These stars are critical as you progress through the game, as you’ll need them to interview suspects, examine fingerprints, etc. You’ll need these stars to complete each case in Criminal Case, and there are also bonus investigations that you can complete if you wish to.

Racing Rivals such a Haven For Racing Enthusiasts

streetrace-rivalsAre you a fan of racing games? If you are, then you should definitely check out Racing Rivals! It is a real, multi-player racing competition against live opponents. This amazing game was developed by Cie Games (now known as Glu Mobile), an award-winning game publisher and developer. The Racing Rival game brings an authentic and compelling racing experience for various racing enthusiasts throughout the world! Also, in order to make the game as accurate as possible, the developers of Racing Rival have partnerships with the biggest entertainment and automotive brands in the world. This includes relationships with NASCAR, Ferrari, and even the franchise for Fast and Furious.

So, what exactly is the gameplay? The gameplay for Racing Rivals works just like any other racing game – you have to be faster, and beat all of your opponents in the race. However what makes Racing Rivals unique is that you are in a real competition against live opponents! You are not just racing against computer-run cars, but real live people. This real-life racing is possible due to their multiplayer racing system. Also, it is not simply a race – you can actually join in on some high stakes betting! However, the competition is really fierce and the betting is high and because of that, racing rivals hack tools are common everywhere.

However, joining in on the betting is not obligatory.  If you simply just want to race and test your racing skills against different players worldwide, you can definitely do so. Also, what makes Racing Rivals even more amazing is not just the gameplay itself, but also the stunning graphics that it involves. Racing Rivals features realism, graphical fidelity, and stunning details. It also brings a realistic and high-resolution lighting when you play allowing you to really take in the details of the game.  So if you really enjoy racing, competing against other live players, and playing a game with realistic details, Racing Rivals is definitely the game for you!

Difficulties In Playing SimCity buildit

SimCity buildit is a game, which is very difficult to play. And also one finds harder to earn money on playing this game. In this the people are struggling hard to play this game. Therefore they are trying some cheats works in it, and also requesting for the cheats and hack in the game. You can also search on Google for the SimCity buildit cheats, the tools and the other cheating tools are there to help the people in cheating the SimCity game in your mobile as well as in your computer. They are also any cheat tools available in the online, but they are fake. Those fake cheating tools are containing virus and the other malware which is harmful to your phone and as well as for your computer. It is too difficult to cheat the game of SimCity buildit.


The SimCity buildit is the game which is being done on the server-side, therefore one cannot able to cheat the game. They also know how to make a game; this is because they have been in the gaming business for over a period of 3 decades. Therefore cheat and hack cannot be taken place in the SimCity buildit.

These are the instructions, which are required while downloading the simcity buildit cheats, these can be given in the online or in the website from where you can downloaded it. By following those instructions, one can easily start up the hack tool in the SimCity buildit game. This makes you to take the good amount in the game. Therefore one should be very careful while downloading and using the cheat tools, to play the games. Safety for your mobile and computer is must in this game, because of the virus and malwares that may damage your entire system.

If you are looking Simcity Buildit Cheats check out this online generator to get unlimited amounts of resources check it out online.

Winning Becomes Easy With Cheat Codes

displayEveryone wants to win the game that the play. Though most of the games today that is found in the app store are getting harder t win, people make not just one attempt but several attempts to win the game. Unfortunately, only few players succeed the game and reach the next levels but this doesn’t happen with all. There are many addictive games in the app store and one such addictive game is Crossy Road and none could forget the excitement that one gets while playing this game. This game is known for its incredible experience and players keep trying every level to win and move to the next. But things don’t seem very easy to solve each stage. However interesting the game might be, when winning becomes difficult players lose their thrill to try the game again. This is where the cheat codes come into play and they make the game more interesting and help players to quickly win the stage and move on with the others. These cheat codes have to applied correctly to win the particular level and trying these hacking codes for more than few restricted time would make you lose the game or give you straight quit from the overall game. These crossy road cheats will be of great help to anyone who is willing to crack the level they have been struggling till date.
These cheat codes have to be given in the right time and in the right stage. Many websites are providing such options but just make sure you get the cheat code and tips from the reliable site. Many are just fake, so ensure you are getting the right one. What more just go for the cheat cracking code and explore the next levels to know what is waiting to impress you.